Workshop logo

We are grateful to James Stevenson, currently M Sc student at the university of Calgary, for designing the 21st deMon Developers workshop logo. Thanks James, beautiful peace of art !!

Welcome !

The 21st deMon Developers Workshop will take place in the sumptuous Canadian rocky mountains, at Kananaskis, Alberta. It will organized in hybrid mode.

Since 2000 the “deMon developers workshops” serve to discuss the program evolution. It has become a good custom to make it a scientific forum for discussions with scientists who are familiar with other methods, algorithms and programs, not common to the deMon developer’s community.

The presentations will cover topics related to electronic structure methods, molecular property calculations and molecular dynamics techniques, simulations and analysis tools. Round table discussions will be also organized with the purpose to discuss the developing work in progress and to prepare the future action items (see program page).

Previous “deMon developers” workshops were held in Canada 2000, Mexico 2001, Switzerland 2002, Sweden 2003, Italy 2004, Germany 2005, Canada 2006, France 2007, India 2009, Brazil 2010, Germany 2011, China 2012, France 2013, Mexico 2014, Bulgaria 2015, China 2016, Canada 2017, Mexico 2018, France 2019 and in virtual mode in 2021.

Organizing Committee

Dennis Salahub (University of Calgary)

Lizandra Barros Herrera (University of Calgary)

Patrizia Calaminici (CINVESTAV)

Morteza Chehel Amiran (University of Calgary)

Sankha Ghosh (University of Calgary)

Jiri Hostas (University of Calgary)

Andreas M. Köster (CINVESTAV)

Aurélien de la Lande (CNRS, Université Paris-Saclay)

Tzonka Mineva (CNRS, Université de Montpellier)

Mosayeb Naseri (University of Calgary)

Mathias Rapacioli (CNRS, Université Paul Sabatier)

Hatef Shahmohamadi (University of Calgary)